Five Fresh Farrowings

Blue Lady

Blue Lady, one of our sows, chose a steep hillside nesting space to birth this past week. She along with four other sows farrowed in this lovely warm weather. Two of the five chose steep hillsides, something of which we have plenty. She does have the benefit of the small trees but it is still not a good choice. Piglets wander or roll all too easily downhill from the nest and don’t easily return. Thus the low corral of wood that we placed around her. Now piglets stop at that boundary and are more likely to return to her. It works – none were lost with the corral in place. Better would be if she had farrowed where Out, Flip and Shortnose did on more level parts of the pasture. Being that our farm land is so steep it can be a challenge to make sure the sows always farrow in good places.

Outdoors: 74째F/46째F Sunny
Tiny Cottage: 65째F/55째F

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5 Responses to Five Fresh Farrowings

  1. MMP says:

    Somewhere I remembering you mentioning terracing projects for this summer. Have you gone forward with that? Any pictures?

  2. Actually, things got flipped around and we ended up doing the next major set of terraces last year. I should write about them. The results are just now showing and they are most excellent. I've been gradually terracing the mountain for years, even before we had the tractor, but big machines make things like this happen a lot faster. Basically it is the same solution that so many other mountain cultures have found – if its too steep, make it flat in little increments.

  3. Verdant says:

    I came across your blog via your comments on the article on Novella Carpenter's urban farm. You've got a great site!

  4. Verdant says:

    Walter, I came across your blog via comments left on the SFGate article on Novella Carpenter's urban farm. You've got a great site here!

  5. I see several small evergreens in the photo. Good idea if you planted them, good luck if nature did it. I imagine that when they get big, they will be most excellent spots for farrowing. It's always so nice under an evergreen.

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