Bag O’ Rubber Bands

Big Bag of Rubber Bands

Holly’s holding a big bag of elastics. The bag is heavy enough she can barely lift it and she’s a strong woman. Why, oh, why would we ever have so many rubbers? Well, years ago we published a magazine for ten years, The Flash Magazine. When we mailed out subscriber copies we presorted them for the post office to get the best mailing rates – A lot of work but worth the savings. Thus we needed a lot of bands to bundle batches of Flashes.

We found these while cleaning out the old shed. Back behind the hay some stuff hand gotten forgotten, including these. As you can see behind Holly we’ve begun the process of removing the roof of the shed. Tearing down the old shed is a major step in our big project. Or I guess I should say one of our big projects. We have three major construction projects this year which also include finishing the greenhouse and clearing new pastures.

By the way, the roof of the shed didn’t always go all the way to the ground. Over the years I’ve been gradually raising the grade of the whey driveway to improve it for the daily deliveries of whey for the pigs. We gravity feed the whey so the trucks drive up the mountain to fill the tanks. The trucks need to get up even in the winter so the road has to be as good as possible given that it is after all a mountain.

Outdoors: 68째F/45째F Mostly Sunny
Tiny Cottage: 70째F/62째F

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5 Responses to Bag O’ Rubber Bands

  1. Karen B in northern ID says:

    Holly has legs many gym bunnies would kill for :-) All that hiking up and down the mountain, no doubt.

  2. Holly is a former dancer and fashion model. She keeps herself in very good condition. The hard work of farming agrees with her. She just wants me to let her eat more ice cream. She says she will burn it off. :)

  3. Pablo says:

    I figured you were going to say that those rubber bands were yet another thing that you feed to the hogs.

  4. Ah, actually, I didn't want to mention this but they're for launching pigs into space… :) Think giant sling shot!

  5. ranch101 says:

    Pigs In Spaaaaaaaaace! One of my favorite "soap operas".

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