Brilliant Double Rainbow

Double Rainbow

Yesterday evening after a period of sun we had an intense storm of rain, thunder, lightning, hail and then it cleared just as the sun was setting down past Sugar Mountain. On the opposite hill a brilliant double rainbow framed the valley and our south pastures. Using the photo above I now know exactly where to look for the pot of gold! I’m rich!

I suspect this rainbow was so bright because the sun was just about to set over the mountain combined with the receding dark storm clouds which provided contrast. Our cottage and the surrounding area were just being enveloped in the shadow of evening. Note the brightly lit tree along the driveway right at the edge of the shadow and how the shadow climbs the sugar maples between the home field and south field. The other end of the rainbow appeared to be planted in the woods just down past the end of the south field.

Outdoors: 67°F/43°F Sunny
Farm House: 54°F/53°F
Tiny Cottage: 69°F/61°F

3 thoughts on “Brilliant Double Rainbow

  1. In college I once saw a full, double rainbow after a week or so of rain. Two full arches, absolutely brilliant that stopped us in our tracks walking to the Student Union and we stared at it for a good 10-15 minutes until it faded.

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