Tusk Regrowth

BigUn’s Tusks Regrowing

I had mentioned before that one of our big boars, BigUn, had lost his tusks. I don’t know if it was a seasonal sort of thing, from digging or tussling with the other big boars. In any case, it’s growing back. Same for Spot who also lost his tusks. At this point Archimedes has the largest tusks and they’re razor sharp – I touched one the other day… Gently!

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2 Responses to Tusk Regrowth

  1. ChristyACB says:

    Man..those are some scary looking specialized teeth!

  2. Something I meant to mention but forgot to say is that when I was examining their new tusks I noticed that it looks like the teeth are designed to grind against each other which constantly sharpens them. Archimedes’ tusks, which are quite long again, have a flat area that obviously is from grinding on the matching tusks. The edge of the flat area is very sharp. I gently touched it and it felt like a razor blade, catching the ridges of my thumb print.

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