This Little Piggy Didn’t Go to Market

Will Feeding Black Beard

This little piggy didn’t go to market. He thought he wanted to but Black Beard, no reference to the pirate, is a boar pig who has been excitedly wanting to load every week for months. He would lead the other pigs up the ramp to the back of our delivery truck and then we would shoo him back down the chute and give him a treat. As such he got very good at loading. Some even might call him a Judas pig – like the Judas goats used to help load sheep, goats and cattle.

Black Beard Not Going to Market

I had debated keeping Black Beard, he scores most excellently as a replacement boar and has a wonderful gentle temperment. He has demonstrated that he is quite eager to mate although it is too early to see the results of those unions. With Archimedes getting up there, now almost six years old, I need to think about who might replace him in our second breeding herd. Black Beard’s mother, Blackie and older sister Jill, are very prolific large black sows who has set records on our farm for producing big, healthy litters of piglets who grow very well.

This winter a farmer starting a herd a bit south of us emailed me asking about getting a boar. He has two sows from us of a different line of our pigs than Black Beard. I realized that would be the perfect match. This also has the benefit for us of creating one more reserve of our herd genetics – important should anything ever happen such that we would need to restart our breeding program. Knowing this made me feel good about parting with Black Beard.

Ben on the Far Side of the Moon

All this loading and visiting happened just before our launch. It’s been a busy week. Today we approach the moon’s shadow and will be able to do a little EVA work as we prepare for the next stage of our journey. An excellent opportunity to use our telescope and apply all that homeschooling on orbital dynamics. And you thought math wouldn’t have practical applications!

Read more about our space adventure over on Ben’s blog.

Although, at I have read that you can take 1/4 pills, that it also works well.

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4 Responses to This Little Piggy Didn’t Go to Market

  1. Carol-Anne says:

    My son Ben just loved the picture of Ben in space. Thanks for the giggle. Maybe we should take a homeschooling space journey too! Pigs in space…lol

  2. Ruralrose says:

    I love your blog. This post is so like i farm, let the animals think they are in charge. 20 degrees here today, spring has sprung! Now to get our roofs fixed from the heavy snow! Peace

  3. Anonymous says:

    Walter if you people had any more fun it would be illegal! Infact is it legal to explore outerspace without a government permit?! Well I guess if they cant catch you……!

  4. ChristyACB says:

    The picture is pretty cool! Love how you do that.

    I’m quite glad your friendly little boy is going off to be the man of the herd somewhere instead of to be bacon. I’m sure he’d prefer that too. :)

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