Fence Lines

Pigs a Plenty

That is a hawk’s eye view of weaner and grower pigs in the atrium winter garden area. These guys are enough different in size that it is best if they don’t sleep together on cold nights or the little guys snuggle deep into the pile and end up pancakes. Later they’ll all be able to be together.

Being neighbors a cross a fence like this means they get to know each other gently over time, a good introduction. Later we’ll open a door between the two spaces so the little guys can go back and forth at their discretion, still able to retreat to their own space. This prevents the bigger ones from bullying the smaller pigs.

The worst way to introduce a new pig, or chicken or other animal, to an existing group is to simply dump it in. In a situation like that the newcomer may get beaten to death as an outsider. Better to let them get to know each other slowly.

In the words of poet Robert Frost, “Good fences make good neighbors.

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