Nothing Day

Very Messy Nothing Day Preparations

We celebrate Nothing Day. This isn’t like the Fourth of July or Christmas – they have fixed days of the year. It’s not even like Easter, Boxing Day or the Solstices which also have no set date but wander on the calendar. Instead, Nothing day can happen more than once in a year, provided that the Moon, the Sun and our inclinations are all in proper phase. It needs a sponsor, an organizer, someone who makes it be. It is, of course, a celebration of Nothing. Not the Great Nothing of Zen or Nietzsche. Nothing Day even has an official web site although, of course, you’ll find nothing there.

After doing nothing special all day other than farming chores, constructing farrowing space, homeschooling and continuing to work on finishing our cottage we sat down to a dinner of nothing more than our own Kielbasa, peas, corn and winter salad. Then it was time for cake – Finally, nothing special!

Nothing Day German Chocolate Cake with Cookie Dough Frosting

For Nothing Day I made a German Chocolate cake from the Joy of Cooking with Ben and Hope. The frosting was chocolate chip cookie dough, made by Ben, sans egg but with chips. Nothing but the best. There are, of course, no candles on a Nothing Day cake. Hop on over to Ben’s blog where he is going to post the recipes.

Ben got a new watch, something he desperately needed as his old one had ticked its final tock. This watch like his last one has many alarms, handy on a farm where chores are spread out over the course of the day for reminders like the 2:30 pm whey feeding. The rest of us got nothing but the satisfaction that he had a new watch and would feed whey on his turn. They pigs like that too. Or I guess you could say the rest of us got something for Nothing (Day)…

Origins of Nothing Day: It is rumored that long ago, in the past century, a father brought home a book as a special gift for a young boy. With that he also brought out a cake. When asked what the occasion was he replied, “Why, it’s Nothing Day, of course!” Since then families all over Sugar Mountain, and possibly elsewhere in the Galaxy, have celebrated Nothing Day for no reason at all.
Intergalactic Guide to Hitchhiking

Funny thing happened on the way to my e-mail box… and my postal box. I have recently gotten a whole lot of scans and copies of an article from a magazine. Since I don’t subscribe to the magazine in question I hadn’t seen the article. Apparently I was named as one of the “Ten Real Inspirations” by Backwoods Home Magazine in their March/April 2009 issue for my work against NAIS to protect our rights to farm. And here I thought I was tilting at windmills. Thank you to everyone who sent me copies because otherwise I never would have know!

PS. That is Hope wearing the pink dress in the photo above which was taken this afternoon. She is hale and healthy, not at all flattened.

Outdoors: 41°F/21°F Partially Sunny
Farm House: 32°F/31°F
Tiny Cottage: 64°F/58°F no fire

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13 Responses to Nothing Day

  1. ChristyACB says:

    Happy Nothing Day to you. :)

  2. Nothing Special Is.

    Jeez, I am in Canada and the NAIS drives me nuts. And all I have is a herd of chickens so far. It seems what ever happens down South eventually makes it’s way up here..

  3. DennisP says:

    I really envy you that view from the corner window. It’s all flat where I live (central Wisconsin). Most directions all we see are trees towering above us. Which is nice, but I’d really like a little more open space. But on the other hand, I don’t have to worry about falling off a hillside…

  4. Janice says:

    Walter you guys are such fun! When I get to be a kid again I want to come back as one of yours and live on sugar mountain where the candy trees are up above at the top of the world.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Nothing Day sounds almost as much fun as Pajama Day

  6. Pablo says:

    Is that the real view out those windows, or did you composite this photo?

    I had an article in Backwoods Home Magazine some years ago.

  7. Got me! :) That is a real view but you would have to be looking North-Northeast and those windows face South-Southwest. My little camera can’t take such good photos, the windows just white out when the foreground is bright enough, but fortunately the day is saved by Photoshop! :) So it is a real view, just not the view out those particular windows.

    For the real view out the windows see Tiny Cottage Views which is again photoshopped due to the lighting problem but it does show what I spy with my little eyes out each window.

    For a different kind of view on the tiny cottage, see this post too.

    Back to the view out the corner window, that view actually looks at a beautiful crystal cliff filled with chunks of quartz and other colorful rocks where water run down the rocks most of the year. Right now it is buried in several feet of snow.

  8. Nothing much was said about “constructing farrowing space” , nothing in the way of pictures, nothing about the design NOTHING!

  9. Ah, so someone does read those little snippets at the bottom… Yes, a post for another day. :)

  10. Not only that I went back and reread (and followed the link to the BackWoods Home article) Ye gods you are in good company! Keep up the good work! I told the staffer on Senator Casey’s office to check out NO NAIS if he really wanted to look at the better side of the argument.

    Guess I’ll just have to wait on the farrowing spaces.


  11. Anonymous says:

    well, according to this site, nothing day already exists, but it’s not variable like you say, but fixed for jan 16:


    “National Nothing Day

    When : Always January 16th

    National Nothing Day is quite simply… a day for nothing.

    Seeing as the creators of this day left nothing about the cause or reason for the day, we are also describing nothing about today. To say anything more would defeat the purpose of this day.

    Celebrate this day by doing….nothing. Of course, that assumes that doing nothing is okay with your boss.

    Origin of National Nothing Day:

    We’re going to go out on a limb, and guess that the creator of this day wanted to have just one day to do absolutely nothing. He or she succeeded, as we found nothing about this day.

    There is no evidence to suggest that Nothing Day is truly a “national” day, which requires an act of congress.

    If you have any information about this holiday, please email us.”

  12. Ah, but since they fixed the date that means it is no longer really Nothing Day but has become something of a day. :)

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