Snow Goons

Snow Goon

If you’re from a southern climate then perhaps you have only heard the rumors of the snow goons that roam the far off frozen waste lands of the northern mountains of our country such as here in Vermont. They are rarely seen but researchers have documented them with photos and casts of their tracks as well as the nearly religious rituals of the tribes that worship these monsters, claiming protection by building monuments in their image.

There are those who dismiss them as mere piles of snow in the landscape. But remember. That is what the snow goons want you to believe… come closer little boy, just a little bit closer…

Don’t be fooled. When visiting the mountains, beware the snow goons…

Outdoors: 30°F/-1°F Partially Sunny
Farm House: 29°F/31°F
Tiny Cottage: 63°F/57°F No fire

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3 Responses to Snow Goons

  1. Anonymous says:

    Funny- we seem to have the Dreadful Snow Goons in Central Maine as well, perhaps they are a sub-species? Ours tend towards teethy pine branches for that fresh breath… and yellow feet when the huskies attack!
    Glad to see your blog back in action as well- hope the issues with VON are in the past.

  2. We have a species here in NY. They look more like dinosaurs,though ;)

  3. We’ve seen the tracks. And Xena the wonder dog barks at them when they move about during the night – or in the fog.

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