Mint Tea Apple Bobs

We drink a lot of tea. Specifically mint tea since we can harvest wild mint so easily and dry it for the year. It warms us on the cold winter days and cools us in the summer.

The other day at breakfast there were a few bits of chopped apple left over from oatmeal and being in a silly mood I dumped them in my hot mint tea. Everyone laughed but that was the start of a great new drink! They’re delicious, especially after the apple bits have bobbed around a bit and warmed to their core.

So, for something a little different, serve yourself some Apple Bobs in Mint Tea. A delicious, refreshing drink! :)

Outdoors: 14°F/2°F 2″ Snow, Mildly Windy
Farm House: 33°F/31°F Emptied fluids
Tiny Cottage: 63°F/58°F New 16th cord started