Piglet Time! Piglet Time!

Mouse with Piglets

No, that is not the small furry rodent type mouse. This Mouse is one of our sows and weighs more like 700 lbs or so after she has farrowed. Maybe more. She has twelve healthy piglets there in the south end shed.

That is definitely our best farrowing space. The other dens and sheds work but the translucent roofing of the south end shed turn it into a winter oasis. Today the piglets were gamboling about in the sun. They come over and snuff my boots when I bring Mouse her meals, water and whey. The piglets have begun to eat some of Mouse’s food so I bring extra for them.

We didn’t get the greenhouse done before the really cold weather hit. We were pouring the last of the foundation in deep snow. Even with the Polarset accelerant in the concrete I worried that the cement had not setup well enough to bear the weight of the roof and the wind forces. So rather than having it crack, we resisted the temptation of stripping off the forms. They will provide the concrete some protection through the coldest weather as the sun heats it during the day. Normally after 28 days it is effectively fully cured. It will be a project for warmer weather. Life is like that sometimes. We adjusted and used the winter housing and farrowing spaces from other years.

Life goes on, new piglets are here, winter is warming and I think we are past the worst of the cold weather.

Outdoors: 32°F/10°F Partially Sunny, Light snow much of the day, 4″ last night.
Farm House: 43°F/37°F
Tiny Cottage: 62°F/57°F PEX done

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8 Responses to Piglet Time! Piglet Time!

  1. Nance says:

    Welcome home, Walter. We’ve missed you. Hope the server issues are ironed out.

  2. Rose says:

    There is nothing cuter than a litter of piglets!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Yes, Glad you are posting again. I enjoy stopping in to see waht you are working on.

  4. ranch101 says:

    Yes, ideed, welcome back!

    My grandma always insisted there was nothing cuter than a piglet, and it sure looks like she was right. Ducklings (my personal favorite) come a close second, though ;)

  5. heritagefarmer says:

    Walter, our 2 Tamworth gilts recently farrowed, 2 days apart, 13pigs each.
    The first one killed all but one of her piglets by either sqaushing them,or savaging them,even though we separated as soon as we saw what was happening, the little darlings got back in with Mama and she killed a few more.
    The second one is now raising 10 of her own and the remaining one of the rest (social intervention!)
    Why did she do this? One neighbour insists she should have been in a crate, but were not having that.
    Should we give her another chance or should we make bacon?
    This was a month ago and she hasn’t been receptive to the boar since either.

  6. You’re neighbor’s right. A crate might have saved the piglets. That is how the problem was created in the first place – people crated and bred out the mothering instincts. I strongly oppose the use of crates although I do not thing the government has any business banning them.

    The first sow who savaged should go to the butcher. Moving her pigs to the other sow was the right thing to do. The first sow’s piglets should be marked and not kept for breeding as they had a bad mother. Yes, the sins of the mother will be visited upon the daughters to the Nth generation – cull.

    The sow who is good should become the basis for your breeding stock. Pick the very best of her piglets to keep and breed. We select only about 5% of gilts to become potential replacements. For males it is more like 0.5%. Life’s tough on the farm for guys unless you get picked to stay. (Imagine a pig jumping up and down in the background yelling, ‘pick me, pick me!’)

    Good luck with the remaining piglets and enjoy eating the ill tempered sow. Remember, you want only the best of the best to perpetuate the rest.



  7. Katharine says:

    YEAAAAH!!! Your’e back! I had ALMOST given up on you for good, but glad to see that you managed to persevere and get thru the lousy server issues.

    Who did you finally end up going with as I presume your’e NOT still with the same lousy company?

    The piglets are cute and look absolutely adorable, but then they always do, don’t they? How many is that for you now in total? Welcome back!

  8. We’re still hosting with VON. I prepaid for three years of hosting. In retrospect I now feel that was a mistake. However, in their favor, Cecilia is now being much more responsive – there have been two outages (DDOS + bad switch) since all the data got recovered for my web sites and she was much better about communicating.

    What I have come to realize is I really need to setup a mirror server. I’m working on doing that with failover for the DNS. I’d rather be farming, and not server farms… :}

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