VONetwork Web Host Problems

Blog Problems with VON – Again

If this post is here it means VON has not fixed their problems.

20090124.0800 – Cecilia noticed my blog post and contacted me. VON has made repairs. Things are improving. Although things are still not working smoothy and I’m finding places where data was lost I’m cautiously optamistic that the site is back. Some incoming email and comments were lost as well as two posts so if I didn’t respond to you, contact me again.
20090125.1128 – Test: If this appears then my web site is working once again.
20090127.1706 – I’m still having problems with some of my domains not functioning on VON.
20090128.0739 – Problems continue. It has now been seven days since I first reported the problems to technical support and the original problems are not yet fixed.
20090129.0749 – All problems seem to be resolved.
20090205.0348 – Not all is well. I’m still getting intermittent site failures that bring down the web sites and email. This latest time all of VON/4HostHelp seemed to go down too. Not a good sign.
20090225.0757 – VON recovered the missing data, that had been left on the pervious server and not moved, survived a DOS attack and a bad switch. Recently they have been more responsive and things seem to be running smoothly at this point. I’m blogging again since I’m not wasting so much time on overhead – there’s only a certain amount of screen time in a day. It is good to have things more stable again. I am working on figuring out how I might use ZoneEdit failover DNS to run two parallel systems. Keeping comments in sync is the hard part. I’ve got the rest figured out.
20090227.1437 – Sites down. VON responsive. Problem fixed within half hour of notifying Cecilia.

I’ve had a bad day. This is a rant. This is not a rant about the USDA, government or technology. This is a rant about bad service.

VON is my web host. They also go under the name of Vision Online Networking, VONetwork, Vonetwork.com, Vonetwork.net, LiveWired, Cecilia Hanif and who knows what else. This is where you connect to when you call up one of my blogs.

VON used to be a very good web hosting service. The operative tense is in the past. It was sold some time, about a year or more ago. Since then the quality of service has greatly declined. I STRONGLY recommend NOT using VONetwork.

At this point I am extremely pissed with them. They have wasted a large part of my day. They did this for several days back in December. Again earlier in the fall and several times periodically before that since they’ve taken over what used to be an excellent web host.

The latest problem was that back in December they moved my server, with virtually no notice. At that time they asked me to update my nameservers, the info that directs your request for NoNAIS.org to the appropriate web server. Today it stopped working. Again. I contacted them and a different person at VON had me switch the nameservers. Apparently she had me switch back to the old server. The result being that for a while it appeared that everything since mid-December was lost and all the mail since then came in to me in duplicate loading down my network and local disk space forcing me to sort through it again.

To say I’m pissed is to put it mildly. VON is screwing up over and over again. I need to switch to a new web hosting company but my problem is lack of time. So, who ever is responsible for the number of hours in a day, please increase it.

Another issue is that I pre-paid VON, just before they changed hands, for a multi-year contract. Don’t do that. Now that they have my money they apparently have no incentive to provide excellence in service. I hold no power in negotiations, other than to write here about how badly they are treating me. So buyer beware, don’t pre-buy, especially not from VON or any of their associated businesses or people.

The other problem is that I’ve been through this before, twice, with other web hosting companies since the early ’90s. They’re great for five or ten years and then they get sold or graduate from college and the service goes down hill. This means that simply switching to another web hosting company is not a total solution. It just puts the problem off again for a few years.


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14 Responses to VONetwork Web Host Problems

  1. We have a deal with a local ISP that has a tower on our property. What your going through would have me pulling out my hair – or someone else’s depending on if I could get to their offices or not.

  2. Unfortunately I prepaid several years with VON, back before they changed hands. Now they have my money and no incentive to do well, other than the fact that I will rat on them here.

    I’ve tried to get the local service providers to do a tower on one of our mountains but so far no go. To the east there is no cell coverage so it is open territory for someone… From our mountains you can see a looong ways in all directions. A great site.

  3. Scully says:

    I have used Dreamhost (dreamhost.com) for nearly 10 years without a single problem, and so I highly recommend them.

  4. Evelyn says:

    I wrote a message, but things went katy-wampus & it showed as being in December!
    I had a website that this happened to. I pre-paid a few years for my website. Then 9NetAve.com was bought out. The new company wouldn't let me access the site for maintenance unless I agreed to new terms of service, which doubled the price of the site. I fought with them for several months & finally they won. They were on the other side of the country & fighting a law suit that far for a hundred bucks or so just didn't pencil out. Of course, that's what they were counting on. I wonder how many people lost how much money on that! I'll NEVER pre-pay website hosting again!!!
    I'm sorry that you got caught up in this same scam. A low cost provider gets a bunch of website owners to pre-pay sites. They then sell out w/ all these users. The new company takes your money & doesn't give you the service you contracted for.
    Then, there's places like TuCows that actually owns your domain name! You register it, and then… if it's a success, you find out that you don't own the domain name, TuCows owns it & now wasn't a lot of money to let you keep using it! They've just let people come up w/ the ideas & build the traffic on the sites.
    The net is a wonderful place, but there are so many pitfalls that you just can't know until you've fallen into them!

  5. karl says:

    the best web host i ever had was free from the fellas at urchin–now google analytics. they were friends of mine and cared.

    if i were in the market i’d choose dreamhost. i do work for a client that uses them. they are great not sure how pricey though

  6. Anonymous says:

    Well, I am hoping you get it worked out and find an improved or new host for your blog . . . because I sure do miss popping in.

  7. oshea12566 says:

    Hope you get it fixed soon! I miss reading your blog. Plus I know what it is like when something in the or around the house is not working properly. It is like sandpaper in the brain constantly grading, lurking, needing to be fixed.

  8. Hi Walter, Thank you for all of the info in this web site. We are getting pigs this summer and feel that you are a wealth of info. I know, this post has nothing to do with the your original post. I want to place your “nonais.org” link/icon on our farm page. I can establish the link but can’t get the icon to come up. I have limited couputer savy. Thank you very much.

  9. Anonymous says:

    WALTER>>>>>WALTER…..I miss you! When will you be back?

  10. Kelly,

    On http://NoNAIS.org look in the left hand column under Just the Facts and then Linking to NAIS. There is a whole directory of artwork you can use to help fight against NAIS.



  11. I haven’t given up. It was discouraging to write posts and then have them get lost due to VONs problems. I am working on setting up the blog so it will mirror onto two different servers. Thanks for asking. In the immortal words of Arnold, “I’ll be back!”

  12. Bruce King says:

    Have you given up on the blog? It’s going on 20 days since the last entry.

  13. Leo says:

    Wish I'd read this post 4 hours ago when I signed up for one of their shared packages! Not only does their LIVE Suppport not work, but their support ticket system doesn't work either. Their forum doesn't work and their FAQS is a joke. Still it only cost $20.00 so I'll just write it off. The time I'm likely to waste battling with them to get things done would probably cost me more in the long run :-(

  14. Leo, the good news is since this post VON has been better than they were before. Not perfect but better. The owner seems to be serious about fixing issues. The problem is getting their attention to problems. As you noticed.

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