Burning the Furniture

Furniture Burning in our Woodstove

It’s gotten so cold we’re reduced to burning the tables and chairs. Just kidding! Yes, that is real furniture in the belly of our woodstove, but we have plenty of real firewood.

Will busted up a maple wood bench that Holly had bought about 25 years ago. It was a nice bench but it has been gradually breaking apart. Holly finally got frustrated with perpetually fixing it. Dry rot was setting in to the point where it was like George Washington’s axe – handle’s been replaced four times and the head twice…

So off the maul it went. I must admit the very dry wood did make excellent kindling on cold winter mornings. The coals quickly jump back to life with something so easy to burn.

Outdoors: 15°F/-3°F Overcast, 5″ Snow yesterday and 2″ today
Farm House: 48°F/39°F
Tiny Cottage: 64°F/52°F

6 thoughts on “Burning the Furniture

  1. I’ve been thinking similar thoughts all winter. Last spring I cut down the old oak in north west corner of the yard. It was ailing and mostly dead. It dried in the CPS woodshed all summer. When I started splitting it to kitchen size I got a sample of how dry it was. The tinkle of dry hardwood kindling splinting just says easy fires on cold mornings. Being able to go out and get wood when it is 20 below, toss those cold pieces on a thin bed of coals and have them catch. That’s nice wood. A far cry from lasts years wet birch cut too late in the year.

  2. A trick we use is to dry most of the wood we burn on a rack over the wood stove. When we need wood for the fire we take it from the rack and place a new piece on the rack to dry. This means the wood going into the fire is super dry. I learned this trick from reading a book on masonry stove and bread oven construction where they discussed the bakers leaving their next day’s wood in the still warm oven It works most excellently.

  3. Gotta show this to my husband!

    My husband’s Appalachian hillbilly family actually did bust up the furniture to burn it!

    I’m missing a buffet, sideboard and about 10 chairs that go to a table that came to me when I married into the family

  4. *grin* I believed the title for a split second…just long enough to think “Walter and Holly seem so reasonable, why are they doing THAT?” This summer when we “kids” were home we filled the cellar with split wood for the big stove. Mom and Dad reported that they have been extra warm knowing that it wasn’t _their_ labor bringing in that wood. :) And incidentally, cheese cave?…can’t wait to hear about it!

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