Morning Light

Morning Light through Yonder Window

One of the joys of our tiny cottage is the light. As Holly says, while our indoor space may be small, it seems big because we have wall to wall windows so the visual space of the world becomes our home. So true.

Another thing I really like about the light is seeing the morning sun. In the old farm house we had few windows and it was set down in the hollow so it did not get light until mid-day and then quickly lost the light by 2 pm in the winter. The cottage catches the first rays of the rising sun through our bedroom window all year round. Above the golden morning light glints through and off of icicles that on the scaffolding outside our window. I still need to take that down from doing roof work last year. A project for another day.

As one might notice, it was a bit cold last night. Cold enough that the frost came through the energy efficient argon filled Marvin windows to make frost on the bottom of the insides of the glass. Brr….

Outdoors: -5°F/-21°F Sunny, Mildly windy
Farm House: 47°F/39°F
Tiny Cottage: 61°F/50°F

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Luve the lite. Yur lucky to have eastern morning light. Wish I did.

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