Speaker for the Frogs

Charlie Brown Christmas Tree

I’ve had a cold or something. Normally I have a pretty androgenous voice. Some people hear it as a man’s voice. Some people hear it as a woman’s voice. Now I speak with a deep bass rumble that reverberates up from a cavern far down within my chest. My kids say I sounds like Darth Vader. I feel for the poor guy. Being out in the hard wind, blowing snow and cold doesn’t help so it feels nice to get back into our warm little cottage.

The scraggly Christmas tree above was after I got done having a little fun ‘trimming’ it while taking the tree down, transforming our 2008 tree into a true Charlie Brown version. Hope made the pot holder and that was just the right touch.

Outdoors: 10°F/-5°F Windy, 8″ Snow
Farm House: 52°F/45°F
Tiny Cottage: 65°F/58°F

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  1. Looks like a fairly decent Bonsai. If it was only a foot tall!

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