Deep Snows

Blog Problems with VON – Again

If this post is here it means VON has not fixed their problems.

I’ve had a bad day. This is a rant. This is not a rant about the USDA, government or technology. This is a rant about bad service.

VON is my web host. They also go under the name of Vision Online Networking, VONetwork,,, LiveWired, Cecilia Hanif and who knows what else. This is where you connect to when you call up one of my blogs.

VON used to be a very good web hosting service. The operative tense is in the past. It was sold some time, about a year or more ago. Since then the quality of service has greatly declined. I STRONGLY recommend NOT using VONetwork.

At this point I am extremely pissed with them. They have wasted a large part of my day. They did this for several days back in December. Again earlier in the fall and several times periodically before that since they’ve taken over what used to be an excellent web host.

The latest problem was that back in December they moved my server, with virtually no notice. At that time they asked me to update my nameservers, the info that directs your request for to the appropriate web server. Today it stopped working. Again. I contacted them and a different person at VON had me switch the nameservers. Apparently she had me switch back to the old server. The result being that for a while it appeared that everything since mid-December was lost and all the mail since then came in to me in duplicate loading down my network and local disk space forcing me to sort through it again.

To say I’m pissed is to put it mildly. VON is screwing up over and over again. I need to switch to a new web hosting company but my problem is lack of time. So, who ever is responsible for the number of hours in a day, please increase it.

The other problem is that I’ve been through this before, twice, with other web hosting companies since the early ’90s. They’re great for five or ten years and then they get sold or graduate from college and the service goes down hill. This means that simply switching to another web hosting company is not a total solution. It just puts the problem off again for a few years.


Piglets Wait Out the Snow

Apparently winter is here. It is official. The Winter Solstice has passed. The snow in the field, not the higher drifts, but where it is wind packed, is over my waist – about 36″ deep. We’ve gotten more than that in the course of four storms in the last seven days but fortunately it settles. I’ve spent an inordinate amount of time plowing the whey driveway and out into the south field for delivering hay. It was a real adventure today with the cold wind and side slipping on the ice glazed hillside that lay invisible beneath the snow. I’m ready for some sunny days and I think the animals are too.

Speaking of animals, I’m ever so glad for the dogs. We had so much drifting snow from the hard winds that the fences are already covered, something that usually doesn’t happen for another month. The pigs from the north field herd walked right up over the fences. Since I was plowing the front gate was open and they went for a jaunt down to the south log landing. Cinnamon and Kavi rounded them up and brought them home – a half mile trip.

Outdoors: 16°F/-13°F 17″ Snow, Windy, Cold
Farm House: 50°F/46°F
Tiny Cottage: 68°F/59°F

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9 Responses to Deep Snows

  1. Anonymous says:

    Oh the difference. Not much chance of a White Christmas here in Ireland.
    Temperatures rarely stay low enough for long enough. I’ve only seen snow like you describe it once in my life – in January 1982! John L

  2. Anonymous says:

    Only time I’ve ever seen snow like that in Ireland was Jan 1982! Usually we get very little. Of course, this means we’d love some for Christmas.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Ooops! So now I’ve sent two comments. I haven’t got it right yet. Bear with me. I don’t know why I’m suddenly anonymous either! There. That makes three comments now. John L.

  4. farmwife says:

    We’re in the same boat, Walter. I so hate doing chores this time of year.

    I have to shovel paths to the water for the does – the older girls refuse to go out of the barn otherwise. We keep the water out to keep them exercising, but I think it’s ME getting all the exercise!

  5. The best to you and yours this Christmas from the gang at Xanadu. We don’t have a lot of snow and it’s warmed up to -17C a lot milder than the -mart 30’s.

    Smart dogs. I bet they get a Christmas treat.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Wow Walt!!!!!! I can notbelieve how much snow you have! I am north of you but we only have a few inchs on the ground

  7. Jane says:

    That is a very interesting photo. I can see the layers from the different storms on the roof there above your pigs. And more is coming down. Wintere is here too. Merry Christamas!

  8. Evelyn says:

    It's brrrr cold all over the country! It's even cold in Los Angeles! I'm not going to have to water for quite a while!!! I'm usually watering year round! I just ordered a heater for my room! brrrr!
    Very cold at the farm in Missouri as well. Not usually this cold until mid January.
    It's all about that ice shelf that fell into the ocean. It cooled the water & the oceans have carried that water south.

  9. Evelyn says:

    Since your webhosting company was sold, you are a legacy customer. Are the prices for the new company higher than you are paying? If so, they're trying to get rid of you. I had this happen for a site I had. 9NetAve was sold to another company six months into my 2 yr pre-paid contract. They wouldn't let me access my site w/out agreeing to a hike in fees. They wouldn't let me cancel either. What to do? I had to agree to the hike to update the site, so I had to. I won't ever pre-pay a site again!!!
    I fought w/ them & was told that they didn't get the $$ for my site & they'd love to loose me as a cusotmer.

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