Outside My Kitchen Door

Inquisitive Piglets

This sound of piglets is residing outside our kitchen door in the atrium garden for the winter now that the pastures are buried deep in snow. We got another foot of snow today. It’s looking like a very white Christmas, as Bob Hope Bing Crosby would sing. But then there doesn’t seem to be any other kind around here.

Outdoors: 31°F/28°F Snow all day 16″
Farm House: 60°F/54°F
Tiny Cottage: 65°F/57°F

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4 Responses to Outside My Kitchen Door

  1. april says:

    Look at all the piglets! I read your past blogs of pasturing pigs to maintain land. Found it by googling “raising pigs”. I’ve been thinking about this for spring as we just cleared a couple acres and want to keep the growth down. I’m not sure that it would be enough to sustain them….or how many it would sustain.
    I see your farm is in West Topsham. Do you know Pinky from East Topsham/ Monteplier? He’s my uncle. I originally came from the Springfield area, but moved to ME as a child.
    Yes, it’ll be a white Christmas for us as well. ajc

  2. Hi April,

    For keeping the growth down sheep would be my first choice. Sheep require even less attention than pigs. Adding pigs to the mix is also good and gives you a variety of meat.

    Step one is to get a perimeter fence up. For sheep I would use four wires of electrified high tensile smooth wire to a height of about 48″ ideally. That will also work for pigs although not as much height or wire count is needed. For added security, such as if you have close neighbors or busy roads, you could improve it with field netting outside the electrified fencing.

    I don’t know “Pinky”, at least not by that name.

    Merry Christmas,


  3. Peter says:

    Wasn’t it Bing Crosby?

  4. You are so right, Peter! I get those two confused. :) Edited.

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