Fire Trucks!

Green Firetruck

This is a sight I’ve never seen before on our road. Fire trucks! As we were working on the greenhouse we heard them come roaring up the mountain in low gear. I had just thought to myself, “I smell baking bread.” Apparently not. I was surprised to see them on our road as there are not many houses here and it’s not a short cut to anywhere, especially not with the bumps, slippery conditions and climbing up the mountain.

Red Firetruck

I looked around but couldn’t see any smoke towards our neighbor’s houses about a mile further up the road. That is good. Maybe the fire trucks were just out for exercise and I was simply smelling things. Then there was a loud bang! Probably just hunters though on the last weekend of hunting season. A coincidence perhaps.

Maybe half an hour or an hour later back they came at a more leisurely pace. I caught their photos as they came back down the mountain by our south field. Holly said she could see smoke up towards Knox Mtn. Maybe but I I wouldn’t have guessed it without her pointing it out. The smell was stronger. Definitely fire. Since the trucks came back so soon though it must not have been too bad a fire. Probably a small chimney fire as someone was getting going for the beginning of the heating season. Hope everyone was okay.

Outdoors: 17°F/9°F Very windy, Partially Sunny
Farm House: 50°F/39°F Two round bales out
Tiny Cottage: 67°F/61°F

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2 Responses to Fire Trucks!

  1. Anonymous says:

    What burned, have you heard yet? Hope that no one was hurt or structures damaged?

  2. I haven’t heard. Hopefully just a minor chimney fire or maybe a brush fire.

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