Monkey Bars, Pillar Places

Hope Climbing Form Braces

The pillars for supporting the roof and dividing the areas of the greenhouse are about six feet tall on 18″ footers that we poured previously. We now have all the pillar forms up, square, vertical, level and even. They are bound with form wire and wooden braces as well as a spider web of heavy braces that keep them in place. The bracing is so strong that I can swing around like Hope’s doing (I weight five times as much) and the structure won’t even shake. Triangulation! It needs to be that strong because each pillar weighs about 2,000 lbs. I don’t want those shifting on us during or after the pour.

Pillar Braces in Places

Today we finished the last little details prepping for tomorrow’s pour. Some time I’ll write more about the pillar forms which have grooves to allow the spaces within the greenhouse to be flexibly divided for different functions according to our needs and the season.

Outdoors: 39°F/25°F Partially Sunny
Farm House: 62°F/49°F
Tiny Cottage: 68°F/62°F

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2 Responses to Monkey Bars, Pillar Places

  1. johnl says:

    hi Walter and family,
    Have been reading all your posts here in Ireland. Disaster for pig farmers in Ireland today as dioxins were found in products. All Irish products have been withdrawn worldwide. Thousands of jobs at risk. Problem seems to be contaminated commercial feed. Shows again why your type of farming should receive backing. We need to rediscover what is natural. Pity the poor workers though. JohnL

  2. Aye, John, I was just reading this noon about the disaster with the toxic pig feed in Ireland. It is amazing. This demonstrates the fundamental flaw in centralization and consolidation. Small local production of both feeds and livestock would alleviate this situation. Pasturing also would be one more step to help.

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