Catching Snowflakes, Racing Weather

Ben Catching Snowflakes

it has been snowing almost every day, sometimes just an 1/8th inch, sometimes a few inches. This makes working on the forms for the final pour of the Greenhouse a bit challenging. Everything takes longer in the cold. Some how, year after year we end up doing a construction project pushing into winter. As Holly reminds me, it’s not like we were sitting on our hands in the warm months. We just keep pushing to get one more thing done. This year it is the greenhouse.

I had intended to do the greenhouse back in June when it would have been easy but a big project, that is still in the works and under wraps, diverted our attention for months. Then it rained. Now it is snowing. And we keep pushing. Hopefully Monday we will make the final concrete pour for the year. The pillar form work is almost done.

Outdoors: 39°F/22°F Partially Sunny, 2″ Snow
Farm House: 62°F/51°F
Tiny Cottage: 68°F/61°F

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6 Responses to Catching Snowflakes, Racing Weather

  1. Emily says:

    This winter is the first in a few years that my husband hasn’t been outside building an animal shelter in December…and we are in Fairbanks Alaska. Power saws and nail guns don’t work so well in subzero temperatures and we’d find a lot of missing tools in the spring when the deep snow melted, not to mention freezing fingers. Having a baby born in the fall helped us slow down a little earlier this year. Emily

  2. April says:

    Teasey-teaser! Ahem…back in May you said the super secret project was about six months out. I think we’re due for at least a hint, aren’t we? Can I get some support, fellow Sugar Mountain fans?

  3. LJB says:

    You wrote: “but a big project, that is still in the works and under wraps” — I think I know what that project is, but does that project have anything to do with your mystery hex/oct/whatever it is framework photo?

  4. No hits on the big project to it is, er, born. And no, Holly’s not pregnant. As to the hexagon, it isn’t really related directly to the big project although it is related to the pigs and thus distantly related. :) So confusing.

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