Father & Son

Big’Un & Archimedes

Big’Un, on the left, is the son of Archimedes and Big Pig. I was working on setting up the greenhouse pillar forms when I saw them posing so nicely. I walked over to the crest of the hill to snap this photo. Then I saw why they were looking down towards the road…

Oops, not the case – see here Turns out Archimedes is Big’Un’s step-father of sorts.

How it’s hanging…

Spot had noticed I left the gate open when I brought in the pillar forms for the greenhouse concrete pour. He was headed down the hill at a good clip to check it out.

Outdoors: 37°F/31°F Cloudy, drifting snowflakes
Farm House: 59°F/54°F GH1 Pillar bases set, 1 round bale to north
Tiny Cottage: 68°F/65°F

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3 Responses to Father & Son

  1. Anonymous says:

    Whoah! Those are two hansom guys! Great shot! Janet

  2. Brian says:

    I wish I had space to keep a big boar But being a one sow farm I’m entering the world of artifical insemination this week. Lilly, our sow is just too tall for a young boar to handel. And she is too good of a pig not to keep!

  3. Brian, I’ve not tried AI. I’ll be interested in your experiences. I looked into it back when we got started but decided to go with initially renting a boar and then getting our own when we had enough sows to justify having him around. -Walter

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