Driving Piglets

Blackie’s Piglets on Drive

Blackie’s piglets were out for a stroll on the driveway. The fencing that keeps their mothers back has gaps big enough that the piglets can slip through. Now that the gardens are all done for the year this isn’t a big issue. It’s fun to come around the corner and see this inquisitive cohort nosing around. Yesterday I saw them up on the top level by the cottage which is about 400′ from where their nest is. The piglets have gotten big enough that they feel confident away from their mothers. Time to wean them soon. Blackie is just starting to lose condition. If she keeps nursing them for too much longer she’ll end up peak’id.

The old farm house is starting to seriously drop in temperature since we don’t heat it. It has been interesting to see how long it keeps warm into the fall. I need to take care of things in it that might freeze and shut off the water real soon now.

Outdoors: 16°F/12°F Partially Sunny, Windy, 1″ Snow
Farm House: 53°F/42°F
Tiny Cottage: 59°F/65°F

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2 Responses to Driving Piglets

  1. Mark Hesketh says:

    Hi Walter
    Do you ever have a problem with your piglets getting stepped on. We have had 2. with cuts on their sides just back from the top of the rib cage one that punctured a lung. We have them in a stall with 1″rubber mats on the bottom and about 6 in of straw. I am new at this so any insight would be great. Do you use any type of farrow crate? or just let the mother do her thing? She is a first timer and had 9 piglets.

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