First Fall Fire 2008

First Fall Fire

This is the first fire of 2008. Holly and I cleaned the cottage chimney last weekend so the cottage’s little wood stove been ready to go for a little while but then it got warm again.

We’ve always heated with wood and the new cottage is a real miser about using the wood. We only went through 3/4’s of a cord last year. We’re starting a little earlier so I wouldn’t be surprised if we burn a full cord but the cottage is also more sealed up and we’ve moved in more so we’re adding more heat sooner from our bodies, cooking, etc. It will be interesting to see how much wood we use this year.

As usual, we’re late getting the wood cut. The pile of logs has been sitting drying with Will and I cutting and splitting wood as we have time between other projects. Fall is a nice time to do this sort of work as the bugs are gone and it is cool so one doesn’t over heat.

We also haven’t been heating the old farm house although it too is keeping up to a reasonable temperature. We’re still cooking down there and the big freezers and refrigerator are there. Their waste heat warms the limited amount of the building that isn’t closed off.

There are other interesting uses for fire

Outdoors: 58°F/24°F Cloudy, afternoon rain 1/2″
Farm House: 66°F/49°F Moved 33 south weaners north
Tiny Cottage: 68°F/55°F First Fire

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  1. Once again you've inspired me..

    We've been using he small fire place for taking the nip off during the evening. It's time to fire up the big wood furnace and stop using the electric side. At 6 cents a KWH electricity is pretty cheap but it can sure add up. Of course we are in a full gale & snow storm now. I haven't cleaned the main chimney but will try and do it from the inside. Should be fun..

    I have an excavator and if this snow melts we may just dig a couple of hundred feet of trench and put in some sewer pipe for some poor man's geothermal. If not spring will be here in about six months..

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