Big Bird


I think that may be the DartVac emergency helicopter bee lining it overhead from the Berlin Hospital to the Dartmouth Hitchcock Hospital. I see it fairly frequently. Maybe twice a week. Maybe more. Personally, I prefer this view.

Outdoors: 40°F/22°F Sunny, 1/2″ snow
Farm House: 54°F/48°F 1 round bale out north
Tiny Cottage: 55°F/50°F

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7 Responses to Big Bird

  1. Mike says:

    It looks like a UH-60 Army Blackhawk helicopter. I’m guessing you live near an Army base or possibly a National Guard unit owns it. They could be working with a civilian hospital to stay proficient in their training. In any case, I agree it is better to observe from where you are…….

  2. Mick says:

    That’s a Pavehawk, the rescue version of the Blackhawk, probably USAF or Air National Guard. Not a civilian chopper.

    We use them for SAR over here in Maine.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I get those flying over my place on Cape Cod, sometimes returning to do a closer pass. Maybe they are looking for late harvest contraband crop? You are in VT after all! Just wait till the big greenhouse is up!

    In jest,


    • Good eyes!

      Two(?) days ago we got buzzed by a pair of what I’m pretty sure were C-5 Galaxy Transports like I reported once before back on this post. The first plane came up the valley and was so low I was looking downward at it. I could almost clearly see the top of the wings. It passed just down hill of us up above the marshes. I’ve never seen one so low.

      I went back into the cottage and a minute later there was a thundering roar. I ran outside to see another banking at what looked like a crazy angle after having just roared over the ridge above our house. It just have been very close to the ridge to be that close to our house. It joined the path of the other one and flew north up the valley towards Knox Mountain. It is hard to believe those huge planes can turn at such a steep angle and not just fall out of the sky. They must be using magic instead of air foils… :)

      Much later we saw another but that was far higher and headed east. It’s been a long time since we’ve seen one of those let alone so many in such a short span of time. Air show? Training exercise? There wasn’t anything in the news. Last time it was during peak fall foliage season and it had been suggested they were leaf peepers perhaps. Kind of like those tour busses but bigger.

      • Austin says:

        My best guess would be that it was the President campaigning in New Hampshire. Anytime the President goes anywhere, there’s a circus of supporting vehicles and they are normally transported in C-5s. Given how “important” New Hampshire is to the national election, I wouldn’t be surprised if the last time you saw them corresponded to campaigning season. It’s amazing how much money we waste letting our executive keep his job, but this is an topic where everyone is an equal opportunity offender.

        I don’t have very current information, but as of about five years ago, C-5s were extremely overtasked, so they don’t get to go on pleasure cruises very often. Most of the time if you see them (outside of a few areas they base, like Dover AFB) they’re working.

        • That is a very interesting idea. I hadn’t thought about that these might be relating to the politics. I’m naive. :) I must say it was really wild when they flew over so low each time. Someone else at one point suggested they like our mountain terrain for training missions. We used to get a lot of very, very low flying A-10’s going over. In fact, one went over maybe 50′ above our old farm house. The old farm house is about 40′ down hill of our cottage and a lot lower than the ridge line so whom ever was flying that hog was skimming!

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