Giant Marshmallows

Round Bales Ready for Winter

100 Bales of Hay on the Hill,
100 Bales of Hay.
Take one down,
Pass it around,
99 Bales of Hay on the Hill!

Round Bales Ready for Winter

Actually, there’s more than 100 bales by now as another load got delivered since that photo was taken. How many bales do you see?

This is the first part of the winter hay for our livestock. John and Jonathan, the farmers we buy hay from, have one of those great big bale grabbers on their tractor which they brought to place the bales on the south field plateau. It feels very good to have the hay there for the winter.

Outdoors: 52°F/23°F Sunny
Farm House: 56°F/48°F GH1 Wall Forms up
Tiny Cottage: 51°F/49°F