Pumpkin Launcher

That trebuchet is located at a farm stand in Waitsfield, Vermont. I have read about trebuchets, and considered building one to launch large gourds to the capital in moments of frustration but this was the first time I got to see one up close and personal. Unfortunately it was not operating so I didn’t get to see it in action. Perhaps another time. Interestingly, I saw my second one, also at another farm stand, that same day. Maybe trebuchets are going to be a new tourist attraction like corn mazes.

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7 Responses to Trebuchet

  1. LJB says:

    At Crystal Springs Farm in Maine, there was an annual, very popular and successful fundraising event, betting on which launch will hurl the pumpkin the farthest. The launch looks similar to the one you’ve pictured but I hadn’t heard the word trebuchet before. I think they called their contraption a catapult. Ok, a little google research gives me this quote from “In past years a trebuchet was reconstructed from medieval diagrams to launch leftover pumpkins at targets for a hunger relief fund-raiser.”

  2. Evelyn says:

    That looks like it might be a very cool way to feed pumpkins to the livestock, from a distance! Just put it right where the truck can drive right up to it. How far could you shoot the pumpkin feed? I’d bet it’d be easier than hauling them in a wheelbarrow! More fun too! You’d have to do it quickly tho, of you might get some squashed pigs along w/ the pumpkins.

  3. Alecto says:

    I think this is also the farm with the very big spider which I am hoping is still there in March when we’re back again.

  4. Steven says:

    They have one of these at the pumpkin farm that the family on the show “Little People Big World” live on. It’s been a big attraction but you have to be careful, their son and friend were hurt bad by it.

  5. Diane says:

    A farm not too far from us has a homemade pumpkin cannon. It is fabulous! They can shoot huge pumpkins like a quarter mile or more (it appeared to my eye). They posted video on their website, but I must say it is INCREDIBLE in person!
    The video really can’t do it justice.

    I think you all need one. It sounds right up your alley. The cannon inventor said he made it from 1960’s airport equipment, an old turbine, and a generator, if I understand corrently. It was powerful enough to shoot up to 7 very large pumpkins at once!

  6. MMP says:

    Oh, that’s an Old School Trebuchet. Everybody knows a floating arm trebuchet can out hurl a fixed on and is more materials effecient!!!

    I’ll try to have mine up and working again for next years Harvest festival.

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