Jack-o-lanterns 2008

Will’s Jack-o-Lantern Attacked by a Monster Ground Hog

The Waites River General Store holds an annual pumpkin lighting. Will’s pumpkin was a very spooky regular-Joe that had been grabbed by a monster ground hog and pulled into it’s lair.

Hope’s Self-Portrait and Ben’s Head on a Stick Pumpkin

Hope made a jack-o-lantern out of two pumpkins and sticks to represent herself complete with three braids which she was sporting that day. She had help from her brother Ben who’s pumpkin is being lit by brother Will in the background.

A Great Porcupine Jack-o-Lantern and Others

I loved this porcupine jack-o-lantern although I detest porcupines in real life. It was done ever so well. There was also a bird in a cage, a four faced pumpkin, a ship and many other great ones. Notice the smallest jack-o-lantern on the hill to the right.

Outdoors: 35°F/26°F Partially Sunny 1.5″ Snow
Farm House: 59°F/52°F Put out three round bales of hay
Tiny Cottage: 56°F/50°F

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3 Responses to Jack-o-lanterns 2008

  1. pablo says:

    What’s that white stuff on the ground? Gonna be in the 70s here this weekend!

    You always seem to have the best Halloween’s up there, Walter! I still think of your older boy’s giant costume from a couple of years back every time this holiday comes around. What a great life you’re giving your kids!!!

  2. Aye, Pablo, that is the beginnings if the infamous winter stuff called snow! We swept it all up from our greenhouse construction site yesterday morning before beginning more work on the forms. You can see more of the “snow” falling from the sky in the pumpkin photos.

  3. farmwife says:

    LOVE the groundhog pumpkin!

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