Fallen Fall Foliage

Floored Foliage

Our mountains have lost their fall coat of colors. The foliage crackles under our feet as we walk across the fields. Grass is getting scares out in the paddocks and I’ve begun putting out round bales of hay for the pigs and sheep.

Frosted Foliage

The morning frosts highlight the colors on the ground as I walk down from the cottage. By the time we finish chores the crystals are gone and the day felt warm again.

Outdoors: 36°F/23°F Partially Sunny
Farm House: 59°F/55°F Removed most of footer forms for GH1, Round bales to north & south fields
Tiny Cottage: 64°F/57°F

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8 Responses to Fallen Fall Foliage

  1. Brian says:

    Hi Walter. My name is Brian from Middletown, New York. I found your blog today and read the entire thing. I had the day off today and fully intended to clean out the gutters but found your blog and read the whole thing instead. You have a great family, awesome farm. I am impressed with all your hands-on knowledge; your scientific approach to just about everything. (Experimental doghouse) I am 34 now and have nine years left until I retire at the age of 43. I plan to follow in your footsteps as my wife wants us to retire to Vermont and buy or start a Christmas tree farm. By reading your blog as a bonus I found out your town does not have any Zoning rules! Oh how I long for the government not telling me what I can and can not build. How did you find out about the zoning laws before you bought your farm? I want to move to a VT town with no zoning laws.Living off the grid is my ultimate dream, but one step at time.

  2. Brian,

    Before we bought this land I contacted the town offices in a lot of Vermont towns to find out about their zoning and other regulations. Those with restrictive regulations I crossed off my list. Of the towns that were left on the list I began looking for property. This was back in the 1980’s before the internet. I suspect you may be able to do this process even faster today using the web.

    Do your research before you buy. Once you buy, attend town meeting – you must fight to retain your rights. There are people who will try to put through zoning and other restrictions to take away your ability to use your own property.



  3. Evelyn says:

    You read the entire blog in one day!?? I'm working my way thru it, but I consider myself lucky to get thru one month a day, along w/ keeping current on the daily posting! You must be increadably focused & a fast reader! I know I have a lot of distractions & read slow but even so….!!! WOW!

  4. David says:

    Hello Walter! Not sure if you’ll get this far back in your posts… but was wondering about building codes myself. Most states have building codes, including Vermont. I was wondering if you found a town that doesn’t enforce them? Both the states I would like to live in have building codes so would be interested in how this works out for you.

    • Building codes only apply to public buildings. We’re not a public building in any way, shape or form and specifically have a letter exempting us. That said, I have read the building codes so I know their intents. I also specifically chose to live in a place that does not have zoning, code and other restrictions on our creativity.

      As to commenting on old posts, feel free. I read all incoming comments. Nothing is too old. That is a beauty of the web.

      • ken says:

        Hello! I’m very interested in the notion being able to freely build (responsibly of course). I’ve long wanted to build a house in VT using alternative methods, can you tell me more about what it’s really like to build in your area? I would imagine there are still regulations on septic and wetlands, but other than that can you build what you like without having to file a plan or have an inspection? Do you have any tips on finding towns in VT that are that free?

        Thanks so much,

        • There are requirements for a septic. It isn’t too onerous. This is handled at the state level now.

          Some towns now have zoning and regulations that interfere with creative construction. Others are more tolerant. I highly recommend going to the town office before buying land so as to check what the requirements are before you invest in land. I don’t know of a list of towns noting what they have for regulations. Perhaps that is a business opportunity. :)

          As to wetlands, I don’t think you want to build in such places. Flooding, sinking footings, rot, mosquitoes, etc.

  5. ken says:

    Thanks for the reply! I did find a site that seems to indicate whether or not a town (in a certain area of VT) has zoning, which should help me narrow down my search (and follow up calls/visits): http://www.trorc.org/towns.html
    I’d really just like to build without tons of red tape and without someone telling me what I can’t and can’t do with the land.


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