Hot Houses

Winooski Fire Department & Crematorium

The juxtaposition of these two establishments is just a bit too ironic…

Today I found ice on a water bucket – first time this fall. We’ve had a few days of light frost. We have tomato and tomatillo plants on the hill side gardens that are still doing well. This is amazingly late for such warmth. I don’t mind it in the slightest.

Today we also got our first load of hay for the winter. This was 100 small square bales, about 60 lbs each. They are easy to use for spot feeding unlike the large round bales. We use a lot of round bales of hay to both feed and bed our pigs each winter. Once the pastures are gone and buried beneath the snows the pigs eat about 0.8 lbs of hay per hundred weight per day. Hay‘s not quite as good as pasture but the pigs, sheep and chickens are all glad to see it in the winter when the fields are no longer available.

Outdoors: 42°F/25°F Sunny Skies
Farm House: 62°F/56°F 100 small square bales arrived, 1 round bale put to the north
Tiny Cottage: 62°F/41°F Need to close vents

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3 Responses to Hot Houses

  1. Charlotte says:

    Wow — I’m jealous of your weather — we had a hard 20 degree frost 2 weeks ago, followed by 2 feet of snow. This weekend was glorious — in the 70s and sunny — so I put the storm door and windows up — they’re saying hard winter and after that, I believe them.

  2. kalaska says:


    I’m jealous of both of you. I’ve been waking up to -10 below off and on the last week. We even had -15 one morning. My ice buckets are frozen almost solid and have to be thawed and refilled twice a day. This is unseasonably cold, but only slightly. Thank goodness we got a few inches of snow on the ground before the hard freeze set in. The goats and chickens seem to be holding up well and enjoy the afternoon sun.

    Love your blog Walter, and read it all the time.


  3. That’s cold, Kalaska. Keep warm. It only gets colder from here on out. For a while at least. Time for us to all renew our belief in Spring. Chant, “Spring will come. We will endure!”

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