Mushroom Stump

Mushrooms in South Field

One of our regular tasks is walking the fence lines to check for downed wires, fallen trees and shorts. This is a very enjoyable task, a proverbial walk in the park. Every time I get to see interesting things like these mushrooms that had sprouted up around a stump near the far end of paddock one in the south field.

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6 Responses to Mushroom Stump

  1. Nance says:

    in northern Missouri, we have a variety of mushrooms. If conditions are right, there might be eight or nine different kinds of mushrooms “out” all on the same day. Some look like pancakes, some like a “toadstools”. Some like something out of a sci-fi movie. . . all interesting.

  2. Emily says:

    Are those mushrooms edible? I sure enjoyed your last post on your greenhouse foundation, what a project! I’ve been enjoying your blog for quite a while now and coincidentally have been smitten with the idea of raising pigs. I’m a bit skeptical how they’d do here outside year round in Fairbanks Alaska. My husband and I have been building our home as we live in it, and if we weren’t so distracted building greenhouses and animal shelters in the summer it would be a lot closer to being finished. We have a wannabe farm that consists of chickens, turkeys and dairy goats. Pigs and honeybees are next on the list, but with a toddler and a newborn I’m relieved that my husband put a damper on my desire to buy piglets this last spring. Anyways, I sure am inspired by other like minded families. Thanks for sharing with us, Emily, Wild Root Farms

  3. Emily, I’m not sure if they are edible or not. I love eating mushrooms but hesitate to try them as I know to little. My miniscule understanding is that there are many kinds that look similar, some of which are toxic and some of which are edible. Learning more about ‘shrooms is on my to-do list. :)

  4. Mellifera says:

    We’ve got a “mushroom season” down here in Gainesville (FL)- it rains hard with 90+ degree heat for a few weeks in midsummer. Fungi start popping out in some really impressive diversity after a week or so. I’ve seen 15-20+ kinds in a given day just around our apartment complex.

    Another week of this weather, and the mushrooms start to succumb to mold. Yeah. The mushrooms get fungal disease.

    (This coincides with Tree Frog Season, when you are likely to have a couple of the little green guys jump into your house if you open the door at night.)

  5. aninesse says:

    Thats agreat photo! Looks like it should be on a poster or calendar or something orother. So when are you going to do a sugar mountain calendar? 2009????

  6. Calendars have been suggested. I don’t know if I will have time to do it before winter though… One of these years things should be calm… right? right??? Well, at least I’m never bored! :)

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