Geese in Flight

Wild Geese Migrating

It’s that time of year. The flocks are headed for distant lands. As we’re working outdoors I hear their distant honking throughout the day. Our geese sometimes honk back but they don’t seem incline to head for parts unknown.

Goose and Goslings

Goose can fly but I’m not sure if the new goslings can. In time. They’re as big as her at this point. This summer a generous lady in Hartland gave us four gosling chicks so our goose now has real young’uns to take care of instead of herding the piglets around as she’s done for years. Now she takes the younger geese out to the pasture to graze on grass every morning, then for a bath in the livestock pond before parading them around our farm. Goose has always been a good layer, although her eggs never hatched since they were infertile as we had no gander. I’m hoping one of the goslings will become her mate and we’ll have more next year.

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7 Responses to Geese in Flight

  1. Patti says:

    Oh dear…..geese…I have had geese off and on for yrs more on than off. My goose is a doll but her gander, Rambo,(no I didnt’ name him but it does fit his personality) is a toot. They mate ,she lays but the eggs never hatch..which does not upset me a bit. Are you planning on raising them for food?

  2. Patti,

    To date the issue of eating goose has not been seriously discussed since we just had one and she did guard duty, caring for the piglets. But, if we are successful with raising them then they will likely become dinner too. Additionally I’ve had requests for goose eggs, both for decorating and for eating so there may be a market there. They certainly are huge.



  3. Sandy says:

    I had geese for 7-8 years. For the first three, there was just Goosie. She was really sweet, chatting with me as I did chores and mothering the ducks. When we got some more geese, she took to them right off, and became extremely cliquish. If you weren’t a goose, you weren’t worth knowing. That was disappointing, but I did enjoy them more than not.

    Collecting goose eggs was scary during the time when one or more of them went broody. I tried letting them hatch their eggs or substituted duck eggs, but they never managed it. One year, it was the excitement of a police shooting in the field next door. Two years, it was fireworks (they always timed their broodiness for hatching around July 4th). And the last year, rats got the eggs.

    I’ve read but cannot verify that geese will not mate with younger ganders. Just because I didn’t see Goosie mate doesn’t mean it didn’t happen – I just don’t know what she did on her own time.

    Best of luck with your geese.

    – Sandy

  4. Diane says:

    Hi Walter,

    I really enjoy your blog. A frequent reader, very infrequent commenter.

    I thought that you may like knowing that I plan to use the photo of migrating geese in my 5th grade Chinese class. (The kids are learning Chinese as their choice of foreign language.) The description in Chinese for how geese fly is that they fly in äşş (the character for “person”) formation. Your photo illustrates that wonderfully! If the character encoding works, you may see why they say the formation looks like äşş.

    I’ll let them know where the photo came from, too.

  5. Cool, Diane! If you need a higher resolution version that you can print larger just let me know. Cheers, -Walter

  6. Diane says:

    Hi Walter — No need for higher resolution, but thank you! I used a computer linked to a projector to show them. No comments from them when I said the source of the file though. They did ask if they were real geese. I assured them that they were!

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