Geese in Flight

Wild Geese Migrating

It’s that time of year. The flocks are headed for distant lands. As we’re working outdoors I hear their distant honking throughout the day. Our geese sometimes honk back but they don’t seem incline to head for parts unknown.

Goose and Goslings

Goose can fly but I’m not sure if the new goslings can. In time. They’re as big as her at this point. This summer a generous lady in Hartland gave us four gosling chicks so our goose now has real young’uns to take care of instead of herding the piglets around as she’s done for years. Now she takes the younger geese out to the pasture to graze on grass every morning, then for a bath in the livestock pond before parading them around our farm. Goose has always been a good layer, although her eggs never hatched since they were infertile as we had no gander. I’m hoping one of the goslings will become her mate and we’ll have more next year.

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