Fall Foliage 2008

Fall Foliage Riddle Pond Road

This week the foliage has been shaping up. Hopefully it will hold for the Columbus Day weekend when so many leaf peepers come to view the splendor of the changing colors. According to a recent newspaper article Vermont gets about 3.4 million visitors during the fall season. That’s over five times the population of Vermont. Pretty amazing. Pretty leaves. The article also said the visitors spend about $363 million dollars which is about $100 per visitor. That fits with our trip to the seaside.

Here are some fall foliage posts from previous years:
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Outdoors: 67°F/51°F Overcast 1″ Rain
Farm House: 73°F/64°F
Tiny Cottage: 66°F/62°F

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3 Responses to Fall Foliage 2008

  1. Mary says:

    Gorgeous, Walter. I love that you did a post on the foliage because I think the leaves are the best I’ve seen them in years. The sun is breaking through the morning clouds and mist is hanging on Mt Aeolous and it is stunning.

    Thank you for linking to the southern Vermont eat local people and our southern Vermont farm blog.

  2. Aye, it has been a particularly spectacular year. We’ve been watching the colors develop over the last two weeks like an old Polaroid photo fresh out of the camera but with those old Kodachrome colors. :)

  3. The trees are starting to put on their autumn best here in Maine. This will be my first New England autumn.

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