Clouds Wispy Roil

Wispy Clouds

I think the winds are picking up. We’ve been having lots of brilliant blue days with some beautiful cloud forms – a nice change after all the rain this summer.

Outdoors: 68°F/52°F Sunny
Farm House: 72°F/64°F
Tiny Cottage: 67°F/60°F

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4 Responses to Clouds Wispy Roil

  1. kesha c says:

    Hi i know this has nothing to do with the clouds, but
    I just wandered onto your site while looking for info on piglets. My pig Tudy just gave birth yesterday to 8 beautiful babies. This is her 2nd litter and I want to try to do everything the proper way this time. I would love it if you wouldnt mind giving me some pointers on this subject, like where do i administer the iron shots, etc. They are in a pen about a 1/4 acre big but my fear is, we have an electric fence and my inlaws believe that they will die if they were to touch it, could this be true. Sorry to be so long winded i just have alot of questions. If you could would you please contact me. my email is I would also love to send you photos of my odd looking babies. they look like little hiyenas, orange speckled black and brown. thank you
    Kesha C in Hudson, Florida.

  2. I don’t use the iron or other shots. They aren’t necessary if your pigs have access to dirt. If you are raising the pigs on concrete or wood flooring then you may want to give the shots, or simply give them some dirt in a bucket. They’ll love snuffling through it and will eat enough to get all the iron they need. Toss in some fresh greens as well. You mention their in a 1/4 acre pen so you should be all set.

    Worming is one thing you might want to do. If you’re using a pen setup then worms are more of a problem than if you have the pigs out rotating on pasture. There are a number of injectible and oral wormers as well as some that can be fed in the water. See this article about natural worming with garlic and such.

    Electric fence is very safe. I have only heard of one person dying from it and that was an extremely unusual situation (small child trapped by back of head under wire). The best solution to your in-laws fears is to touch it and show them. Yes, it hurts. It is supposed to. See this article about the pain of the fence. Electric fences work very well with pigs once their trained to it. Just be sure they have what they need and want within the boundaries.



  3. You live in Vermont!!

    I was challenged by my fellow bloggers to run for “President” along with my running mate Mr. Sock Monkey. We are attempting to campaign across America by getting “invites” to visit all 50 states from bloggers.

    We have managed to get invitations from all but YOUR STATE and are WORRIED we won’t pull it off. (Mr. Sock Monkey is threatening to get ugly…)

    I saw your blog listed somewhere and was hoping you might jump on board and invite us to your state!

    You can read about our mission here: (this was the original post)

    We decided to start our campaign ONLY if we get all 50 states. As it looks now, we are starting to write our WE COULDNT GET ALL 50 STATES CUZ WE SUCK concession speech!

    Thanks for considering helping me (and one angry sock monkey!)

    Hallie :)

  4. I’m not sure what an invitation involves but I’m sure you would find Vermont inviting so come on over. :)

    This morning, while delivering pork from our farm, I met a wiener outside the chef’s door. He was quite convincing in his portrayal of a doberman but his wagging tail gave him away. We also delivered 42 weiners for the restaurant but they were of the hot dog in a bun variety. Perhaps if that little doggy is a very good dog he’ll get some – our smoked all natural hot dogs from Sugar Mountain Farm.

    Have fun with your presidential campaign. Almost anything you do will be better than the None-Of-The-Above choice we currently have…

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