House Moving

Moving The Dog House

To prototype our Tiny Cottage we made a number of models beginning with sketches, then paper. Eventually we moved on to little plaster and then concrete models that could sit on the kitchen table. Bigger models followed including a number of animal shelters and the dog house above.

The dog house is quite similar to our actual cottage in many respects regarding its construction. Doing these little tests allowed us to work out details and techniques before we began using hundreds of thousands of pounds of stone, steel, brick and concrete.

I designed the dog house so it has eves that can rest on the tractor’s fork lift tines. This allowed me to easily move it from it’s place of construction over near the walk way up to the cottage. The chickens immediately found it and laid an egg but the dogs have kicked them out.

Outdoors: 77°F/47°F Sunny
Farm House: 71°F/67°F
Tiny Cottage: 65°F/62°F

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2 Responses to House Moving

  1. pablo says:

    Why don’t you just drive that tractor down to Roundrock this weekend. I’ll meet you there. I have a lot of things I could use it for.

  2. I’ll just send my son Will down. How many miles is it? I think the tractor can go up to five miles per hour… :) Do you think he can make it by the weekend?

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