Clouds after the Storm

Clouds after the Storm

We’ve been having a lot of good growing weather. Rain plus lots of sun. The fields which looked so barren in early May are high with grasses and piglets are playing out in the brush. Yesterday we had a brief but very intense thunder shower followed by these gorgeous clouds. The storm cleared the humidity and cooled the air.

Our big event of the day was delivering over 500 lbs of pork down to the smoke house to make smoked hams, bacon and hocks. After that we took the kids to the Montshire Science Museum in Norwich, VT.

Outdoors: 79°F/57°F Sunny, Rainy, Sunny
Farm House: 82°F/70°F
Tiny Cottage: 73°F/65°F

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6 Responses to Clouds after the Storm

  1. pablo says:

    I’d like to take credit for the good weather you’re having. I’d like to, but I can’t. That looks like a great museum for the kids (and adults).

  2. That’s okay, Pablo, we’ll include you as the weatherman in the film credits… :)

  3. Robert says:

    I’m wondering about resale. I raise pigs in VA and have tried to take hams/bacon from one processor (without a USDA certified smoker) to another (with a USDA certified smoker) and been told it isn’t legal for resale. And the same goes for taking my meat from one processor and having another make USDA inspected hot dogs out of it.

    Are the rules different in different states (hard to believe because I thought that they all worked under the same USDA rules) or are the processors here just don’t know the rules/want all your business?

  4. Casey says:

    Walter: not the right blog entry for this but I’ve been meaning to ask if you’ve heard of papercrete:

    They mix pulped paper with portland cement to make a lightweight concrete with excellent insulation properties. I’ve been thinking of cheap and easy ways to make lightweight concrete ever since your blog on egg-white concrete…

  5. Robert, I believe the rules are fairly consistent state to state but there may be some exceptions. For the meat to be processed at a USDA processor it must be slaughtered at a USDA processor – that’s a federal rule. For example, we have our bacon, hams and hot dogs done at USDA smokehouses so our pigs must be slaughtered at a USDA slaughterhouse.

  6. Casey, I’ve read about papercrete but never used it. We have done a technique of mixing in bits of recycled styrofoam, peanuts, etc. See this and this.

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