Green Beans Parable

Sunset on Rt-302 in Orange, Vermont

Years ago over dinner an older couple once told us a story about green beans…

Once upon a time, long ago, in the distant mists of memory, in a house very close to us, lived an old Vermont couple named Hiram and Louis. Every year Hiram would grow great quantities of green beans. He was a prolific gardener. He would lovingly labor over the bean patch and harvester bushels of beans for his wife Louis. Ever year Louis would carefully can the excess for the winter. Through the long Vermont winter they would eat green beans grown in their garden.

Hiram grew beans because he knew that Louis loved them. Louis canned green beans because she knew Hiram loved them. They both ate them all winter long out of devotion. After thirty years of this Hiram and Louis looked at each other over the table one winter night. He said, “I hate green beans.” She said, “I never did like them either.” Then they both laughed. He never grew another and she never canned another. All those years they had been doing it for each other.

Twenty years ago when Hiram and Louis told us this story over dinner they explained that the key to a good marriage both devotion and communications. At the time we were newly weds.

So goes the parable of the green beans.

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5 Responses to Green Beans Parable

  1. Anonymous says:

    Nice reminder! My grandparents told a similar story about spinach and fiddleheads, with the same wry admission some 35 years into a 55 year marriage. The things we do for love!

  2. Michelle says:

    That’s a great story Walter. I think if more couples today took a parable like this to heart we’d have a lot more happy endings.

    You really have a knack for photography, among other things. The opening photo for this “chapter” is just beautiful!

  3. farmwife says:

    Being that the Farmer and I have been married 19 years this summer — I understand this story completely, LOL!

  4. deb says:

    What a wonderful story.

  5. Batbrat says:

    What a great story. :)

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