Mother Goose

Mother Goose with Chicken Eggs

Goose does not have a gander so she lays infertile eggs in the lovely nest she built on the atrium wall. I have been gradually replacing her dud eggs with fertile chicken eggs in the hope that she might incubate some chicks. That is horseradish growing next to Goose’s nest and one of the Rhode Island Red hens is watching.

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7 Responses to Mother Goose

  1. What a nice goose!
    What breed is she?

  2. Henwhisperer says:

    Just want to whine to a friend, that’s all. I bought 14 white turkey chicks yesterday from the feed store and this morning 3 are alive. Last night was very stressful. I did it all right, Walter. They had everything they needed to get them off to a good start. At $4.45 a chick, the remaining three end up being very expensive already at just 2 days old. Sigh.

    On a brighter note, I do have on broody hen, she is from last years hatch (and thus not subject to the Nazi scheme) who is sitting on 16 eggs due to hatch anytime now. Wish I could have put the turkeys under her.

  3. HenWhisperer, that’s so sad. What do you think caused the 11 to die? I have never raised turkeys so I’m rather clueless about them.

    GrannyMiller, I am not sure of her breed. She was given to us by Annie our postal person who suggested that Goose had some African in her. She likes the pigs. There are more stories and pictures of her here. Perhaps you or someone else can pinpoint her heritage.

  4. Brian says:

    one thing that will do a turkey chick in is a draft if they caught a draft after a steressfull flight they wont make it. I gave up buy chicks turkey and chicken, from feed stores. I have been buying directly from the hatchery Much better luck!

  5. CatHerder says:

    Theyre both so cute…do the hens get jealous if you give their eggs to the goose???

  6. The hens vary in their reaction to our collecting eggs. Some don’t care at all. Some will go broody, which is to set on the eggs and hatch them. All of ours are older breeds so they have more of the willingness to hatch and brood. In fact, there is an upcoming post on that… As to giving the eggs to the goose, I don’t think the hens really care about that. After all, the hens all share nests so they probably just view the goose as another hen willing to brood the eggs.

  7. Sue F says:

    Sharon, new turkey poults are very delicate. They need to be warm and draft free. They are also prone to starve out. You have to show them how to drink and eat. I usually raise a couple chicken chicks with the poults to save me from showing each poult how to eat and drink. I brood my incubator poults in the house until they are fully feathered.

    White turkeys? Broad Breasted whites? Even more weak genes going on there. They are made to live their entire short lives in a climate controlled building being pumped full of drugs to keep disease at bay because they have little immunity to anything. My incubator will be clear come July 6. Want me to throw some real turkey eggs in there for you??

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