Need a Lift?

Sports Car Getting Jacked

When we were getting gas I saw this interesting sight. Some how I don’t think it will save gas to tote one’s sports car with a John Deer loader… :) While it is only theoretical I’ll file it with my gas guzzler photos and other interesting vehicles.

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2 Responses to Need a Lift?

  1. Will says:

    I have a couple of pig related questions:
    1. I’m in my first year raising pigs. We generate a lot of scraps from our school/camp’s kitchen and I’m NOT giving them food that was on people’s plate, b/c there are a lot of colds that fly around our school. I am giving them scraps from the kitchen after preparing meals and wondering if I need to sort this food. There is a lot of certain items I’m not sure about giving them, like egg shells and onions. Any reason not to?
    2. Any thoughts on the amount of voltage needed to fence in pigs. My charger is only going up to 4 V and they go through when they want. How high would you say it needs to be? Any experience with this?

  2. Hi Will,

    I prefer not to have the pigs eat meat but eggs are great. I find ours do not like onions. If you can get them to eat the onions, perhaps grinding them, then that will probably be good for them. I find garlic to be a great wormer. See this article about natural worming.

    On the voltage, 4KiloVolts (4,000 volts which is what I suspect you mean) is good. Our fencer does about 9KV. Note that weeds drag that down, especially during rainy weather. The Joule rating is also important. I find less than 1.5 joules to be useless and 6 joules to be very good. See this article for more info on that topic.



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