Barre Dam Tree Sunset

Barre, Vermont Dam Tree Sunset

This is a tree I’ve featured before as it is one of my favorites. Again at sunset but very different colors than last time.

This was shot from the moving vehicle through the windshield using my new Casio Exilim EX-V8 digital camera using the sunset scene settings. Usually I’m a manual kind of guy but I was playing with the settings as we drove.

That is Camel’s Hump mountain in the background behind the tree. We can also see that distinctive mountain from our land looking north west.

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5 Responses to Barre Dam Tree Sunset

  1. Anonymous says:


  2. dan says:

    Hello Walter, I,ve been checking your blog once a week or so. I have learned alot from them, thank you. I wonder if you have time you could answer me a ?. I have 4 pigs that are 7-8 months old. I have been doing the measerment wieght. That I learned from you. ON 1 particular male the april 8th wieght was 146 lbs. May 8th was 176 lbs. and the june 8th is 243 lbs. Is this 67 lb. jump true is it possable? The other pigs seem to be adding 30 lbs a month. This one has to untill now. although this month the others are 40 lbs more. I feed them lots of multi grain bread, with some corn, and as a late night snack a bucket of fruits and vegies. There is almost never a time when there is nothing to eat. Thanks for your help, Dan

  3. Hi Dan, yes, that 2 lb per day gain is definitely possible. That is a good pig.

  4. pablo says:

    Sunset scene setting? You get all of the good toys!

  5. @JeanAnnVK says:

    That is an outstanding pic! How fortunate you are to have that kind of beauty around you…

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