Peanut Butter Beauty Bath

Longson taking a Peanut Butter Beauty Bath

Longson, pictured above taking a dip in the peanut butter, is the head boar in our north field. Today we picked up another ton of peanut butter for the pigs from the Ben & Jerry’s ice cream factory. The PB had gotten past it’s expiration date but is still great food. The pigs love it. I spread some on a layer of hay for them. Think of it as peanut butter granola for pigs.

Interestingly, the big boars bath in the peanut butter. The sows and younger boars don’t do this. Just the big ones. Perhaps they think that the new cologne Eau D’PeeBee will make them irresistible to the ladies. Or maybe they’re using it as a new all natural skin moisturizing cream. Perhaps it’s the SPF factor of 10,000 they seek. Who knows but the boars on Sugar Mountain…

Peggy the One Legged Chicken

This is Peggy. She recently lost a leg. We don’t know what happened but she seems to be doing fine now. Ben is thinking of making her a prosthesis. Check out is post about Peggy on his blog.

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2 Responses to Peanut Butter Beauty Bath

  1. Anonymous says:

    Walter why is there no pasture in the picture? I see only a tiny bit of grass up in the cornor of the picture.

  2. pablo says:

    Peanut butter pigs and peg-leg Peggy. This is why I come to your blog every single day!

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