Spring Is Here

Spring Buds

Spring is here. All the snow is gone, except for the drifts along the north east side of the house where the roof dumps. But we’ll not look at those. They may be here until June. The nights have stayed just barely above freezing for the past week. No frosts. The pasture grasses are growing. The trees are budding. The new apple trees are blooming so we’ll be having a few apples this year. We’ve just moved the piglets and growers out of the winter paddocks which are our summer gardens. Seedlings are up and begging to be let outdoors to play in the sunshine. Bathtubs for the north herd and the south herd and finishers have been moved out into the fields. Now that the weather is warm we can feed whey through much longer lengths of pipe – something the winter cold makes rather tricky. We’ve even gotten most of the winter mess picked up. After five months of deep snows a lot of things get buried

I’ve been a little quiet here on the blog recently because in addition to all the regular spring projects like fencing, getting animals out on pasture, winter cleanup and such we’ve had a brand new adventure dumped in our lap. This was supposed to be the year of a lot more fencing, work on the tiny cottage and building a combination greenhouse and winter animal shed. No details yet – I’m going to be mysterious for now. It is something that I was planning to do in about five years but events have moved our schedule up. While it is a pain in the brain to be thinking about this year, in the long run our family, our farm, the pigs and our customers will all benefit greatly from this new project. I just hadn’t planned on it for this year. Life happens – Plans change.

Outdoors: 75°F/34°F Sunny
Farm House: 66°F/49°F
Tiny Cottage: 67°F/59°F

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5 Responses to Spring Is Here

  1. Pete says:

    Getting your on farm slaughter facities up and running? Good for you.


  2. jojo says:

    hhhm… walter what could this little uplanned project be? will we all find out in 9 months? :) cause that is the first thing that popped into my head.

    haven’t been around much. glad to hear your out of the snow. :)

  3. More like six months than nine months at this point but I’m not snitching… :)

  4. pablo says:

    Intrigue. Mystery. Coyness. Such a tease!

  5. Henwhisperer says:

    “More like six months than nine months at this point but I’m not snitching… :)”

    Get out!


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