Moose Galore

Cow Moose in Woods

Today was a moosey day. At least the evening was. On our way home from doing our weekly fresh pork deliveries to stores while coming down over Orange Heights along Rt-302 we saw a young cow moose in the woods near one of the smaller beaver ponds. She posed for me as I took photos of her from different angles, twisting to show her best side, profile, head on and her coy look.

By the way, this is an example of still photos under low light conditions with my new Casio Exilim EX-V8 digital camera. Several people had emailed asking if I could post samples under such conditions.

Bull Moose by Pond

After leaving Venessa to continue with her people watching from her hide out along the side of the road we continued down to Riddle Pond where we saw a large bull moose with antlers just budding. He was grazing water plants along the marshy pond edge just before the turn off to our road. I do not thing that this is Melvin but rather a new bull, perhaps one of Melvin’s sons, who has moved into the territory. Or maybe he is a neighbor who never makes it up over the mountain into our valley.

He too posed while I got video and still photos. The light was dim as evening set in around 7:30 pm so my photos don’t do either of them justice.

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