Snow Silk

Mysterious Snow Silk

This is my mystery photo for the week. It really is a mystery – I don’t know what this is. As the snow melts it appears all over the place on the surface of the snow and then gradually being left behind where the snow has melted away. It looks like spider silk but is felted up by the time the snow is gone.

I have some ideas of what this may be, involving wind action but I’m not sure. I don’t think it is really spider silk. If you have any ideas of what this might be please leave notes in comments. Right now it’s a real mystery…

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11 thoughts on “Snow Silk

  1. I have been curious about this, too. I thought perhaps it was some kind of mold, since I haven’t noticed it on top of the snow, only after the snow is gone. It doesn’t seem to last long, disappearing just a few days after the snow.

    I look forward to hearing what it is!

  2. I’ve never seen that, as best I can recall. I can barely recall seeing snow on Cape Cod, but I’m harkening back to when there were a couple feet on the ground.
    So, I think it is cotton candy. The snow falls through a lot of sugar maples and picks up syrup, then spins its way to the ground. There’s enough moisture on the snow that you don’t notice the candy. When the water melts and drips away, all that’s left is the sugar….

  3. Beth is the closest to what I think it is, although I’m not sure…

    It isn’t a grass mold since it first appears high up on the surface of the snow which is a couple of feet above the ground. It gradually felts up as the snow melts away leaving the snow silk which was buried in the snow over the whole winter… Another clue.

  4. Walter,

    I’m not 100% sure and the name completely escapes me at this hour of the morning, but I believe what you are seeing is caused by a cold loving, anaerobic soil bacteria. One thing it says is that you have healthy soil! I see it alot at this time of year where it is damp-especially in places where the pigs have disturbed things. I have also grown it on occasion in compost.

    It is not a mold or a fungus–although I think that it’s name might have something to do with that. It is caused by a specific kind of bacteria–strange, I know. If I find time later on, I will get out my information on organic soils and look it up.

  5. Podchef-


    It does look kind of fungus-y but I’d never met a mushroom that likes cold that much before. Tough little bugger.

    (As I’m watching a big sheet of cobweb wave lazily in the A/C current, shrugging off puffs of dust.)(No sir, this is on campus- not at my house. ; )

  6. I found this, too, in my dog pen after the huge snow melt. LOTS of dog stuff there. I thought mold and was wondering how to fight that! The next time I looked, it was gone. We’ve had RAIN, Rain, and a lot of rain this spring. Maybe it washed away?

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