Local Warming

Ben Ashing

The trick is to judge the wind so the ashes scatter away from you. A good toss will send a fine ash for hundreds of feet on a gentle breeze leaving a light coat of ash along the snow to help melt the snow. This is great fun – Ben, shown above, begged to do this as his morning chores. He even scrounged more ash out of the stove when he ran out of buckets so he could keep playing with making designs in the snow. Farmstead fun.

Outdoors: 64°F/27°F Sunny Bare ground visible below spring in south field and north field.
Farm House: 65°F/45°F Abigail (yesterday) & Blackie farrowed
Tiny Cottage: 66°F/51°F

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6 Responses to Local Warming

  1. Lisa says:

    That looks like fun!! Thank you for the kind words of encouragement on my tomatoes! I was hoping that as long there was some sign of life, that maybe they would survive!

  2. farmwife says:

    We like to play with the ashes too :)

    We’re finally starting to see a bit of bare ground around here. Of course, now they are calling for the possibility of snow all week and highs in the 30’s again :( I’m supposed to be clipping show goats next week — how am I supposed to do that?!

    I don’t think we’re even going to make a 5 month growing season this year.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Down her in South Hartland, we have been down to bare ground for maybe a week and a half or more. There’s still some snow on the north side of the house and the south end of the field, but around here, we are digging post holes and planting things.

    Amazing what a fe miles and vertical feet can do for a fella.

  4. pablo says:

    I certainly hope one of your kids grows up to be a writer so he/she can share with the rest of us what idyllic lives they had. I think you and Holly must be the best parents ever.

  5. Check out Will’s and Ben’s blogs for some of their views and fun. -Walter

  6. The amazing things folks do to entertain themselves in heavy snowfalls. hehe

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