Double-Blind Taste Test

Found Object

The pigs dig up a lot of odd things in the fields and gardens. Bottles, farming implements, axe heads, boots and other assorted sundries. The funny part is they don’t dig much – but where they do dig they find interesting things. My guess is they can smell the iron, boot leather or other stuff below the soil much like hunting truffles or tasty roots and grubs.

I saw them messing with the item above and put it on the stumps by the fence while I was checking lines. What is it? Care to guess in comments? Clues: it was probably made in the middle of the 1900’s, the age of infernal conflagration machines. Flip, flop and limping home or not at all. My guess is it was being used for logging, hopefully in the winter. It is iron, probably six inches wide and 14″ long. I’ll explain more below.

While you’re looking at the photo notice the snow depth relative to the fence line… That is the top wire of our four wire high-tensile 12.5 guage electrified perimeter fence around the south field. Probably 40″ high in that spot.

A funny thing happened the other night and I have a confession – I’m a food snob. I didn’t even know it until last night. I like good food but I’ve never been particularly picky, being willing to eat virtually anything. Food is more a fuel for my body than anything else. But last night I learned differently.

Last night we did a double-blind taste test with:

1. a generic brand of Hot Dogs we have bought from the store for years.

2. Applegate Organic Beef Hot Dogs from the health food store – a national producer.

3. Local pasture raised beef Hot Dogs from the coop food store.

4. Our own pasture raised pork Hot Dogs that we began making this winter.

I had not anticipated the results at all:

Everyone but our young (4yo) daughter spat out the generic hot dogs (#1). We’ve eaten them for years with nary a complaint but now they taste awful in comparison. I was shocked. Lili, one of our guardian dogs said they were just fine and I let her have the rest of mine.

#2 was okay but nobody particularly liked it. It’s “Organic” but not all that good.

#3 was good. It is a good beef hot dog.

Astonishingly, everyone picked #4, our own hot dogs, as being far superior. Okay, so maybe we’ve gotten used to them but it was a blind test.

I never was picky about food, or at least I didn’t think I was, but apparently I’m a food snob now… :) Truth is, the store bought foods don’t taste as good as what we raise. Once we get raising something of our own, be it eggs, meat, veggies, fruit, what ever, we don’t tend to want to go back to the store versions. We notice it on occasion when we have to buy store bought eggs. They just aren’t the same. It’s funny how we get so spoiled.

So what is that mystery item? Why was it there? Hmm… It’s rectangular iron. Holes in it. Very heavy… Ah-ha! It’s a section of tread off of a small bulldozer. Lloyd Hutchins, the gentleman we bought our land from had a small bulldozer which he used for logging and other things. He might have been pulling wood when the tread on the dozer broke in what is now our south field. The plate looks fine so it is odd that he left it there – normally he would have kept something like that as it might be useful later.

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