Easter 2008

Kavi Guarding the Sun

Behind Kavi is our backhoe sticking up out of the snow. The backhoe is up on top of two pallets. The snow doesn’t seem that deep because we walk up on top of it so it is always a funny surprise when I realize just how high up I am and just how deep the snow is.

The other day I dug down to a spring in the south field to give the pigs access to the water. When I started I was thinking it was just a few inches down. By the time I got done I realized that the 6,000 pound tractor was floating two feet up above the ground on the hard snow.

Easter Eggers Getting Instructions

While we did chores in the morning Holly hid treats around the cottage. Here the Easter Egg Hunters are getting their final instructions.

Easter Egg Hunter Hope

Some hunt high and some hunt low.

Hope Splitting Kindling

Later Hope helped me split wood while Will finished sawing up the last of the logs we had prepped the other day but hadn’t had enough gas to finish. All the wood is in. Just in time for spring.

Outdoors: 20°F/7°F Sunny
Farm House: 59°F/46°F
Tiny Cottage: 59°F/52°F

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3 Responses to Easter 2008

  1. paulina says:

    That is just so cute!
    I love the old trunks in your cottage!
    And that snow! Wow! That is scary depth! All we ever see roun here is an inch or so. Makes everyone crazy on theroads!

  2. Jason says:

    Cute wood cutter pic!
    Give your children sharp toys
    and teach them how to use them!

    How tall is that back hoe youv lost in the snow?

  3. Jason, good question… I’m not sure. Here is a photo of the backhoe on the tractor. There’s probably a foot of ground clearance below it and the tractor tires are about four feet high. The top of the roll bar is 8′ high. So the back hoe is probably about six or seven feet tall. In the photo above with it buried in the snow it is sitting on two pallets… That means the snow is even deeper than I had been thinking. Funny how it creeps up on a person like that…

    Realize, it’s not lost. I know right where it is… I just can’t get to it, not without a backhoe to dig it out… :)

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