Beautiful Snowy Spring Day

Our Tiny Cottage in the Big Woods

Twas the snow after spring and all through the night,
the wind did howl with all of its might.
Not a creature was stiring, not even a dog…

Our tiny cottage is still deep in snow. The sun and wind has helped to clear it off the scaffolding, scaffolding that was supposed to have come down last fall but got locked in with the snows. The good news is the cottage is snug indoors despite the howling wind outside.

Three Whey Tanks

Today was crisp but still rather blustery. In fact, it was so cold and windy that the new middle whey tank froze. Not solid, but I was worried for a bit as I broke down through the ice this morning. It isn’t uncommon for the brass valve to be frozen up in the morning but a gallon jug of hot water takes care of that.

This time there was a four inch thick crust of ice on the top of the tank at the filling opening. We’ve never had that before. I drained the middle tank to the lower tank and then fed out to the various bathtubs and other feeders. Fortunately it was not frozen solid as I had first feared.

The 1,025 gallon tanks have so much thermal mass that normally they don’t freeze. The lower one is protected by a snow bank and the upper one is completely buried in the snow bank. But the new middle tank is very exposed. I think that the combination of very high winds for two days, cold weather, the pigs not drinking as fast as a result, the middle tank being more exposed and having three tanks so we aren’t cycling the whey quite as fast has allowed the whey in the middle tank chill down too far. With the wind chill it certainly felt cold enough to freeze salt.

Wind Polished Snow Field

The wind pushing snow devils across the fields produces a most interesting polished effect. It was especially evident in the moonlight last night. You can see it here too in this photo I took late in the afternoon as the last light hits the hill across the valley. The effect is not caused by the sun because there are places that are in the sun which do not have the polishing and places in out of the sun that are polished. The commonality is all the shiny places were beaten by the strong winds from the north. The winds blow the powder together packing it hard and then polish the surface. The winds also produce some nice combs as can be seen in yesterday’s photo with Kavi and the pigs.

Outdoors: 25°F/7°F Blue Sky Sunny, Very Windy
Farm House: 59°F/46°F Grower Pigs to new and distant homes
Tiny Cottage: 72°F/52°F Cleanup

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4 Responses to Beautiful Snowy Spring Day

  1. That is frighteningly beautiful…..

  2. Anonymous says:

    I agree! That looks like a slippery slope – a field of ice. Can you walk on snow when it is like that?

  3. Yes, the snow pack is quite hard. Even I hardly make a dent. Soon it will warm and the crust will rot. Then I’ll fall through. Eek! The soil under the snow is not frozen since it is protected by the insulating layer of snow. This warms the snow from below melting it from bottom up as well as the sun melting it from the top downward. That’s the theory… Then we have something called mud season. :)

  4. @JeanAnnVK says:

    EEK! That is too much snow…I live in Portland, OR, and although it snowed here today, it lasted only a couple of minutes…back up to 50 and partly sunny this afternoon…can’t wait for summer!

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