Winter’s End Snow Pigs

Kavi Watching North Herd after the Storm

Yesterday there had been liquid snow on the ground in sunny places on the road. I believe they call that ‘ice water’ in some parts. The snow banks were lower. It was a hat free day. Last night as I headed up to the cottage under the light of the bright moon the weather shifted from a pleasant evening to a white out snowstorm in a matter of seconds. The dogs looked at me as if I was joking as I continued up the hill. Smart like, they hunkered down into drifts to wait out the night.

The wind howled all night and in the morning we awoke to a very white world where drifting snow had blunted the landscape. Yesterday it had looked like old man Winter was easing off his grip such that spring might be around the corner. After all, it is the equinox. This morning Winter had a firm grip on the landscape again with snow drifted across the driveways and paths hiding the edges of references. Snow devils raced across the fields picking up powder that they dumped into hollows and tracks. Snow continued falling through the morning although it was a little hard to tell how much was from the snowing and how much was from the blowing.

Spring will come another day. I’m pretty sure of that. On a day like this we just have to believe…

Outdoors: 12°F/7°F 4″ Snow in the morning, High winds, Sunny in the afternoon
Farm House: 49°F/40°F
Tiny Cottage: 70°F/51°F 65% humidity