Voter ID and Town Meeting 2008

Knox & Butterfield in Orange, Vermont

We are missing town meeting this year because Holly and I have bad colds or something and I don’t really feel like sharing. Hopefully the rest of the town will appreciate our sacrifice! Normally we go to town meeting every year to give our input on how our town will operate for the next year, voting on the road budget, school budget, choosing selectmen, etc. I grew up with town meetings and like the process.

We did go to vote in the presidential primary. A quick, in-out at the town hall. There are proposals floating around government for voter ID. In our town I walk into the town hall and the lady behind the table checks my name off. Then she said, “I have to ask you your birth date for the state.” Note that she didn’t ask me for my name so she could find it on the name. She knows who I am. We have voter ID – we know who we are. No need to show a national ID card, a drivers license, a picture ID or anything like that. Perhaps if the government has gotten so big that people don’t know who they are it is time to trim the government down to size. Small is good.

Six Foot Holly (with hat) standing by Snow Bank

I saw the selectmen have changed things so that they’re now offering driveway plowing – if we dump our snow in the road way they’ll only charge $50 to come and remove it. Considering the cost of trucking that might be a good deal. The snow banks are getting pretty high…

Outdoors: 32°F/29°F Overcast
Farm House: 61°F/52°F Voted
Tiny Cottage: 62°F/54°F

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5 Responses to Voter ID and Town Meeting 2008

  1. pablo says:

    Sorry about your colds, but happy about your voting. That’s an excellent picture of your snowbank. (But where’s the ice sculpture?)

  2. 2008’s is all done, photoed but not yet posted. I’m working on building 2009’s. :) I’m going for glaciers!

  3. P says:

    We never went to a town meeting– or even knew of one in the ‘burbs. In a small town, though, politics affect everybody immediately and “politicians” are people you see everyday. I’d hate to miss one now.


  4. buffalodick says:

    Looks like you guys got more snow than we did this year! Hard to believe it will be all gone in a month(I hope!) When ice becomes water again in Michigan, is a wonderful time!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Woooo! Lotsa snow! You guys live in anice box!!

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