Posing Dogs

Kavi Posing on Snow Bank

Getting good photos of children, dogs and other animals is part luck, part being ready and part taking lots of photos to choose the best from. There is one other trick: cheat and train them. I use all methods available.

For the photo above of Kavi I simply told him “Up” on the snow bank by the kitchen window, “Sit” and “Pose”. “Pose” is one of the words I teach for just this situation. It has no actual working function unlike “Pig Out”, “Load the Pigs”, “Hold” or such. I’ve been doing that command since Coy, our original livestock guardian and herding dog. He quickly figured it out, smart boy that he was.

The dogs know it has something to do with that little box I hold in my hands. Ever since I’ve had a digital camera I’ve shown them the resulting photos on the camera display but I have my doubts as to whether they can see the images clearly or not. What matters is they know that “Pose” means to present their best side, look alert, ears up and hold still. Training them a little saves film, er, I mean electrons.

Outdoors: 30°F/25°F Mix of sun & clouds, 10″ Snow
Farm House: 54°F/45°F
Tiny Cottage: 56°F/47°F